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getting answers about teeth in a day procedures

Have you been putting off getting teeth extracted because you did not want to have to walk around without any teeth? I put the procedure off for three years before finally learning about the availability of teeth in a day procedures at local dentistry practices. Even after learning about the procedures I was still unsure if it was for me. I did not know if I would be a good candidate, if I could afford it, and exactly how it would work. I have compiled all of the information that I gathered to help others learn about this wonderful process.

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4 Tips To Help Your Child Avoid Cavities

Cavities are definitely something you want to help your children avoid. Not only can cavities lead to many other oral health problems, but they will also cost you money on dental care and it can be difficult to even get your child to be comfortable going to the dentist to get cavities filled. Fillings are a scary thing for children, so definitely help them avoid cavities when you can with these four tips:

  1. Don't Forget to Floss: Too often, parent's skip on flossing for their children, especially at a young age. However, children should begin flossing as soon as they have their full set of teeth, especially if the teeth are touching. Food particles and other bacteria are going to get stuck and won't easily be removable with brushing alone. Get your child in the habit of flossing early on in life and avoid cavities. 
  2. Be Mindful of Candy: Children love candy, but that doesn't mean your child should be eating candy all of the time. If your child wants a treat, avoid hard candies, which can actually break the teeth, and avoid chewy and caramel candies, which easily cause cavities. If your child does eat any of these candies, the best way to avoid cavities is to have them brush their teeth immediately afterward. 
  3. Schedule Appointments Every 6 Months: As soon as your child turns one year old, you should have them visit a pediatric dentist every 6 months. This is the best way to get them in the habit of taking care of their teeth and to avoid them developing a fear of the dentist. On top of this, a pediatric dentist can help provide you with tips on taking care of your child's teeth based on their specific habits, which is just another helpful way to avoid cavities. 
  4. Get Sealants: The grooves in the baby teeth molars easily allow bacteria to hide, which causes cavities. For this reason, it's suggested that you have sealants placed on your child's teeth to prevent bacteria from building up in these areas, which is just another way to prevent cavities. Talk to your child's pediatric dentist about getting sealants. They are usually affordable to have placed and your child's dentist will know what teeth could definitely benefit from them. 

When you consider these four tips, you can easily help your child avoid having to deal with cavities, which is less stressful for both you and your kids. For more information, contact local professionals like Edwardsville Family Dentist.